Photo Reminders for Your Smartphone

A reminder of where you parked. Parking in the city is no joke.
Your printer cartridges. Make sure you can see the refill numbers.
Your family members' clothing sizes.
The measurements of your air filter.
Travel confirmation numbers. Take a screenshot of the email your airline sends you. When you check in later and need to find confirmation numbers, your photo album will be less cluttered than your inbox.
Pictures of current medications. Make sure you can see the prescriptions' names and dosages in the photo.
The types of lightbulbs that fit your home fixtures.
A recipe from a book or magazine that you want to use soon.
Anything "borrowed" that you might want to buy later, like the brand of a smooth-writing pen at the bank or a great-smelling hotel shampoo.
Expensive home furnishings you just know you can DIY at home. Get shots of all the important angles for when you're ready to DIY.
  •  great ideas, I also like keeping a dry erase or chalk board in the kitchen to write down stuff you are out of when you realize it, then instead of transcribing just take a picture.
  •   car tags and a photo of the car. Even in the VIN if you can get a good shot of it, which is not easy to do. Also pets and their vet tags.
  • I shoot my mileage plus, car rental, and other perk program cards with membership numbers. Also our company conference call # and pass codes, as it can be easy to forget my moderator code moments before I'm supposed to call in.
  •  A great app for keeping running shopping lists is Shopper. I have numerous running lists for each store I go to, so when I think of something I need, I just enter it in Shopper. Then later on when I'm at the store I have a list of all the things that I need to get. It's better than carrying around scraps of paper (although I still occasionally do that for a quick run to the grocery store). The only thing is you have to remember to actually put the stuff you need on the list. Sometimes I think of something but instantly forget to put it in Shopper, and end up having to go back to the store.
  • I have also started keeping stuff like this in ever note, I even take shots of recipes, so much faster than writing stuff down and then I can just look at the store. I also save plant tags. Dropping a pin is great when you park, than you can navigate back.
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