Yummy Lunch Ideas

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These lunch ideas will help any Mother make Fun , colorful , inviting Lunches for the whole Family . Wish I had  this when I was trying to pack lunches everyday for my little ones...Love this Website !!!!!!


Love Roseanne Barr

If you have not seen Roseanne Barr's new show , you have to check it out .Watch a few episodes.

But give it a chance. She tells it like it is. Funny SHIT!!!!!



I have been waitng for these peaches to ripen . I took photos watching , waiting and drooling for months and today is the day YEAH!!!!!!






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Don't you love the bright summer colors... All the flowers are in full bloom . Until the heat starts getting to them. I HATE THE HEAT have I said this before. I will probably say it a million times more... We are having a few cooler days in the 90's YEAH!!!!!!!



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